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Sveuciliste u Splitu (University of Split)
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University of Split (UNIST) is founded in 1974 and today is second largest university in Croatia, with 25.000 students and 1.200 teaching research staff. UNIST has comprehensive experience in planning and implementation of integrated emergency and safety&security management. Key personnel have experience in leading and coordinating program development for the application of system sciences and information technology in security and emergency/disaster management.



The researchers have particular competences in the field of organisational & system sciences, data structures, development of the Decision Support Systems (DSS), mainly combination of GIS and optimisation models, designed for either an improvement of system management in general or specific tasks like security, emergency/disaster management, valorisation, etc. The researchers have also proficiency in planning, design and development of computer and cellular access networks, and optimization in telecommunications. They have strong expertise in the area of  information security, applied cryphtography, wireless and system security as well as in the application of game theory to the design of robust communication systems. Projects: Close collaboration and joint projects with top industry companies like Ericsson and Siemens in development of new and advanved telecommunication solutions. The researchers participated in conceptualisation of the 112 emergency system general model for Croatia and contribute to FP7 TIRAMISU as consultants.