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TETRA MoU Association Ltd
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The TETRA and Critical Communications Association began life as the TETRA MoU Association Limited in 1994 when it was set up to promote the ETSI standards of TETRA.

Since then it has grow to an Association with a membership of over 160 commercial and user organisations globally but primarily European. It has been TETRA deployed in over  125 countries for mission critical users in all sectors. With some exceptions that use TETRAPOL technology, it dominates the European Public Safety map.

Throughout its lifetime the Association has sought to provide the best technology for its existing and potential, critical communications users and has continued to develop TETRA in that way. It provides an Interoperability testing and cerification process which has been a key contributor to the development of the standard.

In recent years it has realised that its users will increasingly rely upon broadband communications so in 2011 it re-focussed its effort to provide users with mission critical broadband and broadened its scope to embrace complementary communications particularly control room implementations.

In doing so, it has been joined by representatives of its provious competitors from TETRAPOL, with broadband technology providers and with representatives of transport and utilities. Working together with global partners in the US, Canada, Australia and elsewhere it is seeking a global answer to its users' requirements.

In parallel it works with ETSI and 3GPP to ensure that any solutions are standardised.



This experience and expertise would provide the project with a range of contacts throughout the PPDR community, expertise in organising user events and workshops, experience in assimilating and collating users' requirements and experiences in standardisation.