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IES Intelligence for Environment & Security - IES Solutions (IES) is an Italian SME, based in Roma and Catania. As the company name suggests, IES is operating on the market of services and technologies for the Environmental and the Safety/Security domains.

IES has been developing solutions for data interoperability in emergency Management since 2006. We have based most of our tools on the use of the CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) and the TSO (Tactical Situation Object) standards. Such tools ( ) for generating, distributing, retrieving and visualising emergency alerts and dispatch orders have been successfully applied in Italy since 2009 in the management of the aftermath of the earthquakes in L'Aquila (2009) and Emilia Romagna (2012), as well in the management of the management of the so-called "forest fire" season in Calabria Region (2009 and 2010).



IES has a proven expertise in turing ICT research into secure solutions, particularly for environmental and emergency management. The experience as Project manager of the REACT (Emergency Call Management), LOCCATEC project (earthquakes) and Communication experts in OSIRIS (floods), RESCUER (explosives), VIEWFINDER (chemical accidents) has built a significant background in evaluating the impact of ICT solutions in the domain of emergency services.

The experience gained in REACT as Coordinator and Technical Manager allowed IES to define a communication protocol recently adoped by the Italian Ministry of Interiors (Dept. of Fire Services) as national standard for exchanging data and ensuring interoperability between Control Rooms. IES has been coordinating the CIP Pilot project REACH112 for the extension of 112 services to people with disabilities, where secure interoperability and Total Conversation will be deployed in 5 Member States.

IES is currently the Technical Coordinator of the SEC project IDIRA (Interoperability of data and procedures in large-scale multinational disaster response actions) and is  negotiating as coordinator the SEC Support Action ESENet (Emergency Services Europe Network).