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HITEC Luxembourg S.A.
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HITEC Luxembourg S.A., a Luxembourg headquartered SME and engineering company founded 1985, has developed its business activities in the field of innovate and quality products and services. HITEC Luxembourg offers high technology solutions covering several different business areas, among others ICT services to support public safety services in case of crisis or disasters and satellite ground segment technology. As the result of the FP6-project u-2010, the company has developed a solution called "Public Safety Suite" to enable rescue forces to react in time with a greater situational awareness based on an integrated platform. This solution is based on a platform called Dynamic Information Sharing Platform DISP that manages the information sharing betwenn all entities involved in rescue missions. The company is ISO 9001 certified for engeneering, analysis, consulting, manufacturing, maintenance and sales of systems in mechanics, electronics, physical measuring techniques as well as information and communication technologies.

About forty multidisciplinary professionals from many industrial and technological backgrounds allow a unique and successful approach to innovative solutions and products. Our core  competencies are based on the knowledge and expertise of our international workforce. Our employees' skill sets cover Software Development & ICT, Project Management, Electronics, Radio Frequency, Physics and Mechanics.



HITEC is conducting research in fields which are currently challanging the industry, e.g. m2m communication, network optimisation, ad-hoc networks or antenna modelling for optimising behaviour and performance. HITEC is very active in research and development projects on a national, European and intenational level. Some examples:

  • u-2010 (Ubiquitous IP centric Government & Enterprise Next Generation Networks Vision 2010)
    highlighting and deploying concepts for interconnecting existing services and networks as well as deploying wireless ad-hoc networks to enhance the availability of communication services and networks in case of emergency or crisis. Role of HITEC Luxembourg: Technical Coordination. www.u-2010.eu
  • HNPS (Heterogeneous networks for European Public Safety)
    developing a heterogeneous network concept for future European public safety communications based on the integration of different networks, including ad-hoc deployable systems. Role of HITEC Luxembourg: Project Coordination and  Technical Coordination. www.hnps.eu
  • Emergency.lu
    Emergency.lu is a rapid communications solution for global disaster relief and humanitarian missions, developed and implemented as a public-private partnership by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg in collaboration with a consortium of Luxembourg companies and organisations: SES TechCom, HITEC Luxembourg and Luxembourg Air Rescue. It is designed to help the humanitarian and civil protection community in the field to (re-) establish telecommunication services and support effective communication and coordination of first responders. Emergency.lu can be deployed by the Government of Luxembourg anywhere in the world within hours of a natural catastrophe or man-made crisis.
    Is a civil protection EU project providing the Slovenian and Italian Mountain Rescue teams tools to get an improved situational awareness in the Alps and allow a better cooperation between the teams from both countries. HITEC is the initiator of the project and the solution provider. The solution is based on DISP.