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Airbus Defence and Space OY
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Airbus Defence and Space OY is a word leading company of PMR radio systems, PMR terminals, control room 112 call taking, radio dispatching and PMR/PPDR applications as well as integration of PMR solutions to public safety and civil customers. Airbus Defence and Space OY develops, manufactures and distributes to all globally relevant today PMR technologies: TETRA radio infrastructure products as well as radio terminals for TETRA. Airbus Defence and Space OY, has developed over the last 15 years a comprehensive TETRA network and terminals for rich set of voice and data for multi-organisation communication, based on the European TETRA standards created by ETSI (European Telecommunication Standard Institute). Airbus Defence and Space OY TETRA system is the industry leader in large TETRA networks, in functionality and scalability within TETRA systems. Airbus Defence and Space OY delivers complete TETRA solutions, providing end-to-end solutions incl. networks, terminals, network management, service and subscriber management, control room workstations, services and applications.

Airbus Defence and Space OY supplies call taking and computer aided dispatching (CAD) solutions (911, 112) to international customers in TETRA countries. Airbus Defence and Space OY provides integration of call taking, radio dispatch and computerised workforce/incident/task management systems to government customers using TETRA radio communications. Airbus Defence and Space OY supports deployable radio network and control room solutions and develops interoperability of control room installations between manufactures and to 3rd party applications.