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Airbus DS SAS
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The European Aeronautics Defense and Space Company (EADS) is a global leader in aerospace, defence and security services. The EADS Group includes AIRBUS as the leading manufacturer of commercial aircraft, EUROCOPTER as the world's largest helicopter supplier, ASTRIUM, the European leader in space programs from Ariane to Galileo and the CASSIDIAN division as a provider of comprehensive security solutions. CASSIDIAN helps to ensure the safety and security of country borders, urban areas and critical infrastructures such as data centres and power supplies. Solutions focus on developing security management capabilities through incresed collaboration and the use of advanced technologies and integrated information systems.

Airbus DS SAS provides fully-integrated modular solutions and services in order to minimise risk exposure in the areas of surveillance, Borders Security, population protection, infrastructure security, responses to emergencies and international reaction operations. Cassadian is currently developing large integrated system for border security (blue and green borders), in Europe and all around the world.



Airbus DS SAS will provide all its expertise acquired on the technical interoperability layer in order to propose solutions for fulfiling and validating all the requirements coming from the organisational interoperability layer.

Airbus DS SAS was involved in several european-level projects dealing with interoperability: Airbus DS SAS led the IST-CHORIST project (FP6) - -, with specific involvement in a WiMAX ad-hoc network as a rapidly-deployable subsystem in case disasters. Airbus DS SAS has also been involved in the IST-WIDENS project (FP6) - - the objectives of which was the conception of a wireless as-hoc communication system for future public safety, emergency and disaster applications.

Within the EULER project (FP7) - - Airbus DS SAS proposed solutions so as to extend a broadband profile in order to optimise ad-hoc deployment of wireless networks nodes, via the provision of native coexistance techniques. In the CELCIT initiative Airbus DS SAS was involved in the HNPS (Heterogeneous Network for European Public Safety) project which aimed wo manage and  integrate heterogeneous networks and to propose inter alia quickly deployable PMR networks for crisis.